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Car Paint Protection Adelaide

We are a small and very service oriented, auto detailing company that specialises in Paint Correction as part of Enhancement & Paint Protection Packages.

Paint Correction

The Correction Detail is the pinnacle detail that Adelaide Paint Protection & Detailing offers. As part of this treatment your vehicle undergoes Paint Correction via extensive machine polishing through various stages.


The enhancement detail includes a single stage machine polish. This offers a first level removal of light surface defects leaving your vehicles paint work with much sharper reflections, added gloss & depth to the final finish.

Paint Protection by Gyeon

Gyeon Mohs + is a permanent paint protection that works and Paint protection is one of your vehicle’s basic necessities. To protect your car as much as possible against external influences, a special Ceramic paint Coating is required. Let’s understand why.

Adelaide Paint Protection was born out of a love and passion to provide the highest level of Vehicle Enhancement. As the only South Australian approved detailer for the Gyeon range of products, we offer a professional range of Car Detailing services specialising in Gyeon Mohs + Paint Protection.
With over 10 years of auto detailing industry experience, our technicians will cater to your needs and treat your vehicle as if it were their own. We have a strong reputation for quality that is trusted by several car manufacturers when showcasing their cars at Motor Shows and by some of Australia’s most exotic supercar owners.

We take great care and responsibility in providing your car with services that will add value to your vehicle. Adelaide Paint Protection is the only approved Gyeon installer in Adelaide. This authorisation means that the quality of our work & standards achieved have been examined and approved to the highest level, and that we use only the best detailing processes & products.

Adelaide Paint Protection & Detailing offers the highest quality automotive detailing in the industry and we constantly strive to exceed the expectations that our customers demand of us

Adelaide Paint Protection & Detailing

Polymer Sealants are a blend of synthetic ingredients, called polymers, in a liquid base that creates a high gloss finish that outlasts Carnauba waxes. It is safe and effective on all paint finishes, including clear coats.

Full Detail

Adelaide Paint Protection & Detailing offers a true All-in-One Service with our Full Detail. If you are looking for more than just a basic clean but you don’t want to spend too much cash on an Enhancement Detail, then this service is just right for you.


Customers words

Our Detailing Services are designed around our commitment to quality standards, workmanship, and Detailing expertise.

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With GYEON Mohs as your paint protection, the owner is provided with a permanent hydrophobic surface that is easier to clean, and stays cleaner for longer!

By maintaining a quality finish using our GYEON range of protection products, you’ll also maintain a solid resale value when it comes time to upgrade to a new vehicle.