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5 Reasons your car needs Paint Protection

Paint Protection is a product that has had mixed reviews in the automotive industry. Many people don’t understand what it does and when it should be applied. Some would argue that the tried & true method of applying wax is the only way to go to protect their car’s paint, while others prefer a permanent protective coat over the layer of paint. There is one thing that both groups agree on, it’s that some form of paint protection is important for all vehicles.

First things first, why do we need paint protection? If Im paying all this money for a car shouldn’t the paint be protected already?

Whilst there have been significant improvements in Paint in the past 30 years, the thickness of automotive paints has drastically decreased.

  • Cost savings for vehicle manufacturers has ensured that coating thicknesses have decreased.
  • Technology – The advent of clear coat over the top of base coat has reduced the total amount of colour on the car.
  • The average thickness of automotive clear coat is 50 microns or half the thickness of a sheet of copy paper!
  • The hardness of automotive paint based on the Mohs Scale is 2 which is softer than the average fingernail

So what is Paint Protection & what does it do?

Paint protection is a ceramic coating which is applied in layers on top of your cars clear or top coat. Once the coating has bonded to your cars paint it acts like a transparent chain metal suit. Ceramic coatings are composed of tens of thousands of synthetic particles that are cross linked together and when fully cured it forms a glossy, slick, rigid shell that has a candy like appearance. This is surface science at its best!

Benefits of Paint Protection

1. Keeps your car looking brand new longer.

Prevention is always the best method for protecting your cars paint. You can wax your car and it will have a beautiful shine for a couple of months, so it will require top up waxing fairly regularly. Alternatively a permanent protection that has the added benefit of a lifetime of beautiful lustre maye more appealing. Either way either option will keep your car looking brand new for a lot longer with the added benefit of your paint won’t fade or chip easily.

2. Reduces the chances of superficial damage.

A layer of paint protection will enable you to reduce the impact of superficial damage on the paint. This is even more apparent when you apply a more permanent protective layer because that layer will get scratched before it even goes to the paint. It’s therefore easier to fix and harder to damage. Imagine the benefits of multiple layers of permanent paint protection!

3. It’s like sunscreen for your car

Paint protection protects your car from the harsh UV rays we are bombarded with daily to help keep the colour brighter and more vibrant for longer. You wouldn’t go out in the sun without sunscreen, so why should your car spend hours each day in the sun with no protection?

4. Paint Protection means no more polishing.

Depending on the type of coating you choose, polishing your cars paint is eliminated as the coatings thickness, outstanding durability, and slick, glossy, candy line appearance is a permanent fixture

5. Increases your car’s resale value.

When it comes time to sell your car, the first thing buyers often notice is the exterior and when it comes to cars, first impressions definitely count. Small scratches or swirl marks from improper wash techniques, or any imperfection will bring down the value of your car considerably.

However, this won’t be a problem if you have a ceramic coating on it as most of the scratches will just be on the surface and a quick detail should have it looking good as new.

At Adelaide Paint Protection & Detailing we offer a wide range of paint protection services from our premium waxing services to more permanent protection from Gyeon Quartz as well as Opti-Coat Pro+.

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