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Carnauba Wax

Carnauba wax is preferred by some collectors and concours enthusiasts because it transforms the paint into a deep, liquid pool that shimmers in different lighting. Carnauba Wax can be a thick paste or creamy liquid.

The wax is produced by the Brazilian Tree of Life, a palm tree. Carnauba is rock hard in its natural form. When the leaves of the Tree of Life are harvested, the wax flakes off as the leaves dry out, or they are put into a machine that removes the wax. It comes off in hard flakes. Car Wax makers have to blend the wax with oils, petroleum distillates to make the wax workable.

Carnauba car wax repels water and, consequently, most contaminants. When applied to any surface, carnauba retains these characteristics. Therefore, an application of a carnauba-based car wax to your vehicle will protect it from UV rays, heat, moisture, oxidation, and environmental contamination. It looks stunning also!

The drawback of carnauba waxes, is that it does not last as long as a synthetic sealant. A carnauba car wax finish will wear off in approximately 6 to 8 weeks. It depends heavily on the climate in which you live and whether or not your vehicle is kept in a garage.

In a nutshell, carnauba car wax is the choice of some die hard enthusiasts. It appeals to people who want the absolute most stunning show car shine available and are willing to spend a couple of hours every month or so to get it. There are a growing number of Pro detailers that believe the synthetic options are a better choice. Synthetics such as Polymer Sealants or the very best protection being Ceramic Coatings that require a one time only application & will last a lifetime are gaining mass appeal!

Remember, Paint Protection is one of your vehicle’s basic necessities. No matter what kind of product you choose Adelaide Paint Protection & Detailing has got your vehicle covered.