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Correction Detail

Correction Detail

The Correction Detail is the pinnacle detail that Adelaide Paint Protection & Detailing offers. As part of this treatment your vehicle undergoes Paint Correction via extensive machine polishing through various stages. Swirls, Holograms, micro-marring and scratches are removed using the safest tools and techniques. This is a lengthy process as every defect that can be safely removed is attended to. Once corrected to the highest level the paintwork is then burnished or jewelled to add a level of gloss & depth that is second to none. The breathtaking results that are achieved are in many cases better finished than brand new vehicles in the showroom.

Once the machine polishing stages are completed, the newly finished paint will be treated to an application of last stage protection. Your choice of Wax, Polymer Sealant or lifetime protection in a once only application of a Ceramic Coating.

The protection will be discussed with you prior to the detail to ensure the product selected best suits your needs and the vehicle as different sealants & protection systems can be more effective on certain paint types and colours. The end result of the correction detail is a flawlessly protected finish!


from $600

(Time Taken 2.5 Days)

You deserve the best service available and to ensure these results, we only use professional grade detailing products.

Nevaeh Ferrari, Pro Detailer