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Enhancement Detail

Enhancement Detail

The enhancement detail includes a single stage machine polish. This offers a first level removal of light surface defects leaving your vehicles paint work with much sharper reflections, added gloss & depth to the final finish. We achieve this stunning result by utilising a combination of high quality polishing products combined with a polishing pad suited to the type of paint on an individual car. This is where you begin to see the benefits of using a professional detailer.

The Method

Once your vehicle has undergone the meticulous multi-stage wash and preparation process, ensuring all surface contaminates are removed, a suitable pad and product combination will then be selected. Factors such as paint type and condition are considered to ensure the very best results are achieved to the highest standard. This process will remove a high percentage of light defects or drastically improve them leaving a fresh enhanced look to the vehicle’s presentation.

Once the machine polishing stage is complete the newly finished paint will be treated to an application of paint protection, either a wax, polymer sealant or ceramic coating. The protection will be discussed with you prior to the detail to ensure the product selected best suits your needs and the vehicle as different sealants & protection systems can be more effective on certain paint types and colours.

The Enhancement Detail is the perfect option to drastically improve the clarity and depth of your vehicle’s paint whether for newly acquired cars, improving the appearance of a presently owned car or helping to prepare a vehicle to its best for a sale. Adelaide Paint Protection & Detailing¬†clients are amazed to see the transformation achieved. Please don’t hesitate to get in touch if you have any questions.

(Scratch removal will only be carried out as far as is safe to do so and is carefully monitored using a paint depth gauge.)

from $350

(Time Taken 1 + Days)

You deserve the best service available and to ensure these results, we only use professional grade detailing products.

Nevaeh Ferrari, Pro Detailer