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Polymer Sealants

What is a Polymer sealant?

Polymer Sealants are a blend of synthetic ingredients, called polymers, in a liquid base that creates a high gloss finish that outlasts Carnauba waxes. It is safe and effective on all paint finishes, including clear coats.

Polymer sealants are an alternative to other types of paint polishes or waxes. One of these alternatives is sourced from brazilian palm tree (tree of life) such as carnauba wax, which is considered more difficult to apply and less durable.

The application of a polymer sealant creates a barrier between the cars paint finish and the elements, preventing damage and preserving the attractiveness of the car’s appearance. They have significantly greater longevity than a wax. The barrier created by an automotive sealant is called a sacrificial barrier, because it is meant to absorb the damage that otherwise would be inflicted upon the car’s paint as part of wear and tear, thus sacrificing its own integrity. After it has absorbed the maximum amount of environmental damage, reapplication of the polymer sealant is necessary. Only a Ceramic coating will give you a permanent protection barrier.

Whether you maintain your own car or have professional auto detailers such as Adelaide Paint Protection & Detailing maintain your car, detailing is a necessary part of vehicle upkeep. The application of a sealant is crucial to the process. Polymer sealants are an option that provides superior protective strength and represents good value for its price. High Gloss, ease of use as well as 3-4 times the durability of Carnauba waxes makes Polymer Sealants a great choice for your vehicles protection. However if you want the very best for your car then Ceramic Coatings are the pinnacle of protection. Click here to learn more.

Some recent Polymer Sealant examples.