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Paint Protection Adelaide

Paint Protection Adelaide

Your Car is worth protecting

Gyeon Mohs + is a permanent paint protection that works and Paint protection is one of your vehicle’s basic necessities. To protect your car as much as possible against external influences, a special Ceramic paint Coating is required. Let’s understand why.

Ceramic Coatings

Gyeon Mohs + is a permanent Ceramic Paint Coating that works, and Paint protection is one of your vehicle’s basic necessities. A Ceramic Coating sits on top of the paint like a transparent chain metal suit. They are composed of tens of thousands of synthetic particles that are cross linked together. When the coating bonds to your vehicle’s paint, it forms a glossy and slick rigid shell that has a candy like gloss. This is surface science at its best!

Polymer Sealants

What is a Polymer sealant?

Polymer Sealants are a blend of synthetic ingredients, called polymers, in a liquid base that creates a high gloss finish that outlasts Carnauba waxes. It is safe and effective on all paint finishes, including clear coats.

Polymer sealants are an alternative to other types of paint polishes or waxes. One of these alternatives is sourced from brazilian palm tree (tree of life) such as carnauba wax, which is considered more difficult to apply and less durable.

Carnauba Wax

Carnauba wax is preferred by some collectors and concours enthusiasts because it transforms the paint into a deep, liquid pool that shimmers in different lighting. Carnauba Wax can be a thick paste or creamy liquid.

The wax is produced by the Brazilian Tree of Life, a palm tree. Carnauba is rock hard in its natural form. When the leaves of the Tree of Life are harvested, the wax flakes off as the leaves dry out, or they are put into a machine that removes the wax. It comes off in hard flakes. Car Wax makers have to blend the wax with oils, petroleum distillates to make the wax workable.