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Paint Protection by Gyeon

Paint Protection Adelaide

Your Car is worth protecting

Gyeon Mohs + is a permanent paint protection that works and Paint protection is one of your vehicle’s basic necessities. To protect your car as much as possible against external influences, a special Ceramic paint Coating is required. Let’s understand why.

The amount of Paint thickness on a car can vary greatly depending on the make & model. Paint can even vary from panel to panel on the same car. On average most cars will arrive from the factory with somewhere around 5 to 6 mil of total coating thickness. This is the total amount of paint of both the base colour as well as clear coat on top of the panels.

When we measure Paint depth we talk in terms of Microns of thickness. So based on 5 to 6 mils (150 micron) of total paint depth, of this around 2 mil or 50 microns of this measure is your clear coat. To put it into perspective the average piece of copy paper has a thickness of around 100 microns, so your cars clear coat is just about exactly half the thickness of a sheet of paper! Seems awfully thin right?

It definitely makes sense to have Adelaide Paint Protection & Detailing apply additional protective layers of paint protection using a ceramic coating on your car. Choose to have up to 4 layers of coating applied to ensure maximum protection to all areas of your car including wheels, glass, lights as well as leather, fabric & interior trim protection.

If a Ceramic Coating is not applied a Polymer Sealant can be utilised as a form of protection in the interim. A polymer sealant when applied creates a sacrificial barrier that is meant to absorb the damage that otherwise would be inflicted upon the car’s paint as part of wear and tear, sacrificing its own integrity. After it has absorbed the maximum amount of environmental damage, reapplication of the Polymer sealant is necessary.

The difference between a Ceramic Coating when compared to a Carnauba or natural Wax or Polymer Sealant is that a Ceramic Coating such as Gyeon Mohsgives the paint prolonged protection measured in years not months. The market offers lots of different coatings, however after having tested a lot in practice, including researching associated laboratory tests, we have selected the best coatings to protect your car. So when you’re ready to have the best possible protection for your car click the button you require to get started.