The process to install Paint Protection is significant!

Through the below images & text we hope to give you the reader & car buyer a better understanding of how a Professional application unfolds.

From the moment of manufacture your car is touched by endless number of people prior to ending up in your driveway. Before your car leaves the production line there may well be factory repairs to painted surfaces that are touched up to manufacturers specifications. Depending on the level of acceptable repairs, each manufacturer allows a percentage to ultimately be sold to the consumer. As is true in most cases the more money you spend, the better finish & quality of paintwork delivered. From there your new car is driven, loaded, unloaded, reloaded, shipped, trucked & ultimately stored in your dealerships holding yard until you part with your hard earned to make the purchase. The truth about all of this handling is that there will be paint related damage caused along the way.

When we have cars arrive at our studio every single car without fail has remnants of the above movements. The most often seen results are the swirl marks inflicted by anyone that comes into contact with your car. Below are some of the close up images of swirls & factory repairs of every manufacturer you can think of. The best news is that our Professional technicians can remove & restore the painted surfaces. This is extremely important prior to installing a Pro Grade Ceramic Coating.

New cars delivered in this state – We see this every day!

Step 1  Decontaminate, Claybar, Wash. Time taken approx 3 Hours

Its now time for the first of a series of Four, that’s right 4 washes to ensure that your cars paint is squeaky clean!

1/ We first Snow Foam the car with our carefully researched dirt & grime loosening product. Allow to dwell for approx 5 minutes before rinsing using our high pressure washer.

2/ Snow Foam again with our PH Neutral Foam. Wash the car using the 2 bucket wash method. This is where we take care of detail washing like ensuring badges, windscreen joins, front grille assembly and door handles have had a good clean.

3/ We then cover the car with our Claybar Foam to begin the gentle process of removing air-borne nasties, fallout, overspray, iron (ferrous) metal, bugs, tar, road film, tree sap that bond to the paintwork and leaving it looking dull and feeling like sand paper.

4/ Snow Foam & final wash using the 2 bucket wash method

Step 2  Wheels off, decontamination clean & High Temp Coating. Time taken approx 2 Hours

Step 3  Paint depths recorded, rubber trim taped up. Time taken approx 1 Hour

Step 4  Polishing, Compounding & perfecting. Time taken Minimum 6 Hours up to 20 hours!