All You Need To Know About Car Paint Protection

Your attitude and pride for your car boost radically especially when your ride is your passion. Keeping it spic and span is tough when many factors like environmental fallouts, chemicals, sunlight, water, dirt, and grime are bound to dim the sheen. However, car paint protection is easy and manageable when you count on a nano-ceramic coating. Products like GTECHNIQ Crystal Serum Ultra are a perfect example of a Pro Grade coating for your car. In fact, it is a favorite product of serious car lovers all over the world.

What Is Nano-Ceramic Coating?

The nano-ceramic coating is suitable for protecting painted car surfaces. It is a very thin coating of 700 to 1000nm and is soft 7H base layer from inside and the hardest in the industry 10H from outside. Once applied it requires an infra-red curing period to deliver unrivalled shine for years. The nano-particles of the car paint protection liquid prevent sheen abuse due to natural, external, or chemical factors.

Nano Ceramic Coating Benefits – More Than You Expect
A nano-ceramic coating like GTECHNIQ Crystal Serum Ultra is suitable for applying on surfaces like car body paint, plastic trims, or bumpers for that matter. Applying the coating is left to professionals as intricate knowledge of the process is required. Some prominent advantages of applying the coating for car paint protection are:

Superior Application – One application of coating serves up to nine years offering the ultimate shine and fullest returns on the money spent. The surface of the car always looks clean and glossy just as it was when you bought the car.
Resistant to Environmental Fallouts – Environmental fallouts as well as bird poop is known to cause damage to car paint. Nevertheless, not anymore, coating like GTECHNIQ Crystal Serum Ultra helps to protect the paint from these damages.

Resistant to Chemicals – Nano ceramic coating is highly resistant to chemicals including the humid and salty climate at seashores. One application of this car paint protection coating has a lot to offer and peace of mind for the coming nine years too! – Guaranteed!!

Resistant to UV Rays – Car protection coating like GTECHNIQ Crystal Serum Ultra is fully UV resistant and works the same way a sun control cream with good SPF content works for you. Well, you need to apply it daily on your face but only one application of GTECHNIQ Crystal Serum Ultra coating lasts for years.

Hydrophobic – Water, dirt, and grime are known enemies of the paint surface. However, the nano-ceramic coating is highly hydrophobic and does not permit adherence of dirt and grime on the surface. Also, it requires less effort to clean and your car looks as stunning as the day you picked it up from the dealer.

Products like GTECHNIQ Crystal Serum Ultra are designed with due consideration of end-user needs and they perform up to the mark every time. Car paint protection is not a tough task anymore especially when nano-ceramic coating like GTECHNIQ Crystal Serum Ultra is available from Adelaide Paint Protection. Make sure you enjoy the most from benefits like stunning Gloss, scratch resistance, stain-free application, saltwater durability, easy cleaning, maximum durability, Hydrophobic abilities.



So you’ve decided to get a ceramic coating for your brand new car. It’s a smart step towards providing the most modern and effective method of paint protection for your vehicle that the market has to offer. But what should your next step be?

If you were thinking of letting the dealership give your car a courtesy detail service before you pick it up, then think again. The best option is to make arrangements to have your new car delivered to your ceramic coating installer directly after purchase. Here’s why:

Dealerships Can Damage the Paint

Don’t expect the dealership to treat your new vehicle with kid gloves. Lack of precaution on the dealer’s side can leave your new car’s paint with scratches.

The Dealership Might Wash the Car 

That “detail service” that dealerships provide may be nothing more than a quick wash and wax using methods and equipment that can potentially ruin your paint. Ever see the swirling patterns that are left on a car’s surface after it has been washed using only the circular motion of cleaning? You don’t want that! Many dealerships lack the technical know-how to properly wash a vehicle, and may very well leave marks on your car that would then have to be corrected by the detailer prior to applying a ceramic coating.

Avoid the Unnecessary Waxing

You don’t need a wax job on your car if you’re getting a ceramic coating. The dealership’s impulse will be to apply a courtesy layer of wax on your vehicle. This is another opportunity to introduce marring and scratching due to improper methods. It is best to avoid this step.

The Plastic Wrapping Should Stay Intact

The first impulse of the dealership will be to tear away the plastic wrapping from your car to prep your new car before you pick it up. However, all of the above problems can be avoided if you have the car delivered to your detailer or you pick up the car yourself with the wrapping intact. It’s best to keep the wrapping intact until the car is ready to have the ceramic coat installed, ensuring the exterior finish is in pristine condition.

As you can see, there are many ways in which the dealership can actually end up harming your new car’s paint rather than protecting it. That is why the best strategy is to have your car delivered to the ceramic coating installer directly so that the ceramic coating can be applied on the car’s unspoiled surface.

Give us a call at Adelaide Paint Protection. We are certified to install both Gtechniq and CQUARTZ Finest Reserve. We can work with you to make arrangements to have your new car delivered directly to us prior to your ceramic coating installation.

When it comes to cars, nothing can outclass a Mercedes Benz. Mercedes cars are easily distinguishable by their luxurious interiors and striking designs that re-imagine classic car aesthetics. They also, as you know, don’t come cheap.You want to maintain that luxurious appearance and retain the value of your car, so how do you go about protecting your new Mercedes? One way is to apply a ceramic coating. So what exactly is so great about a ceramic coating?

Why Does Your Mercedes Need a Ceramic Coating?

Ceramic coatings offer superior protection

Ceramic coatings utilise the latest in advanced nanotechnology. Ceramic coatings work by filling in the pores in the paint of your car, creating a permanent, hard surface that will resist minor scratches and keep corrosive contaminants from causing damage. Ceramic coatings from companies such as GTechniq have 3 – 4 times the hardness of a regular clear coat. Your factory paint job will be protected and preserved.

Ceramic coatings keep your car looking great

In addition to providing unparalleled protection, ceramic coatings will give your new car a sleek, mirror-like shine that will last for years to come. You can easily maintain this freshly waxed look without ever having to wax your car. GTechniq is 100 times thicker than a typical wax coating and will not wash away or break down over time.

Ceramic coatings require less maintenance

Ceramic coatings form a permanent bond with the paint of your car, unlike other products that require frequent reapplications. In addition, the sleek surface created by the ceramic coating will prevent dirt, dust, and other particles from sticking to the paint, which means car washes will be easier and won’t need to be done as frequently.

Ceramic coatings are extremely hydrophobic

The hydrophobic nature of a ceramic coating will cause water to bead up and roll off of your car instead of sitting on the paint and causing corrosion. Hydrophobicity is key to protecting your car’s paint, and you simply won’t find this level of water resistance in most other paint protection products.

A ceramic coating provides a superior protective layer that is chemical resistant, harder than factory clear coating, hydrophobic and permanent – all in one product.


At Adelaide Paint Protection we carry several of the top brands of ceramic coatings. You’ll have the peace of mind that the work will be done by an expert technician who stands by their work. You can visit us at our Flinders Park location or contact us today for more information on applying a ceramic coating to your new car.